Sensors - Multispectral


  • High resolution maximizing at less then 1cm per pixel

  • Wide range of available frequencies

Ideal for:


  • Aerial mapping of vegetation (above or below water) to monitor and record plant health

    • Assessing water quality

    • Vegetation index calculations

    • Plant counting estimation

    • Assessing soil moisture content

    • Assessing soil construction

High Res Multispectral Imager
  • Effective Pixels18.4 megapixels
  • Ground Resolution1.3cm / pixel at 50m
  • Pixel Pitch2.864 microns
  • Focal Length Options10mm and 18mm
  • Spectral Band OptionsBlue, green, near IR and red, green, near IR
5-Channel Multispectral Sensor
  • Spectral BandsNarrowband blue, green, red, red edge, near infrared
  • Effective Pixels12 megapixel (1290 x 960)
  • Ground Resolution6.8 cm / pixel at 100m