Range of Services

We have experience using helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, drones, cars, and satellite imagery. We select the appropriate platforms on a case by case basis.

No. We offer inspection services, none of our equipment is for sale.

You own the data, and we are happy to provide you with hard copies at your request.

An Aerotronic employee and, if required, a helicopter pilot from one of our trusted helicopter providers. We do not currently operate our own helicopter fleet.

Yes, Dauntless was purpose built for the powerline inspection mission.

We are unable to use non Aerotronic equipment or staff.

Yes, we can fly in most countries with increased lead time. If the inspection is to take place in a high security risk area, an additional fee may apply. Please contact us with a specific request.

We may offer this as a service in the near future. Please contact us if you are interested in an exploratory pilot.

  • High resolution visual images
  • Thermal images
  • A list of each structure and component, including its location and condition
  • Vegetation clearance at the time of inspection
  • Vegetation trim volumetrics
  • A pre sorted list of issues ranked by priority, based on some parameters you provide
  • The ability to export PDFs from the portal

We will always give you the latest version of our reports. As we develop new report outputs, we will re-run data from previous inspections to generate the new outputs at no additional cost.

We use multiple forms of GPS, as well as other forms of positional estimation and sensor fusion technologies to provide robust positional data for both navigation and processing.

Scheduling, Weather & Payment

We require a signed purchase order to begin scheduling. We also require a minimum of 30 days in between the signing of the PO and start of the inspection. We also require 25% payment in advance of the start of work.

Under normal circumstances yes. We will discuss the handling of all foreseeable contingencies in the quote process.

We require a minimum of 30 days between the signing of a purchase order and the start of the first inspection. Subsoquent orders are on a 3 day turn around for data delivery.

No. However, there is a minimum job cost, so we encourage new customers to book at least 20 miles.

Data, Analysis & The Aerotronic Customer Portal

We plan to integrate SCADA data in the future.

We are planning an app that will allow users in the field to add images and updates. However, we do not currently have any plans to incorporate pre existing data.

100% of our inspections get reviewed and approved by a certified lineman. Portions of the processing and analysis are automated. A human expert will always review and approve the reports, even as we progress towards total automation.

The analysis is available through the Aerotronic customer portal and your own tools if integrated. The first inspection comes with a free year of hosting. After the first year hosting is billed at a fixed annual rate.

Inspection Requirements

Winds below 25mph, no precipitation, 3,000 ft cloud ceilings, no snow on the ground, and a sun angle greater than 40 degrees.

No, Aerotronic handles all FAA certification and aviation insurance related tasks. Your company does not require certification or additional insurance.

Yes. We can fly at any altitude with a manned helicopter, or up to 400 feet above the top of the structure with a drone.

Aerotronic needs a map of the circuits to be inspected, any GIS data you have, and your vegetation clearance parameters.

AI first pass followed by a human review. The majority of this work only needs to be done the first time we inspect a given mile of line, but we carefully search for added or removed components on subsequent inspections.

Yes, any size of pole or tower, or voltage of circuit. Not a problem.

No, in fact it is preferable to inspect the system at peak load.

We can guarantee critical damage assessments within 24 hours of the weather clearing up for an additional fee. Please note that the format of the damage assessment report is tailored to the post storm operational needs and looks different from the normal report. Please contact us for more details.


We are interested in partnerships. However, we are not interested, now or in the future, in partnerships with drone operations companies.

Contact us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.