AI powered helicopter patrols for Vegetation Management and Pole Top inspections

Get useful information for multiple departments with a single flight. Our customizable reports are tailored to your unique workflows.


How it Works

Get straight to the answers you need.

We build a database of answers to your most pressing questions, so you don't have to analyze thousands of raw images or point clouds.

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    We collect aerial data from manned helicopters or UAVs.

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    Our AI analyzes data in the cloud.

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    Our AI generates a searchable database of the status of every component and and its condition. Then it exports customizable reports of what each end user needs to know.

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    A human expert reviews the reports for accuracy before publishing.

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    The final results are available online via web portal, and as PDFs.

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    Have your own reporting tools? Seamlessly integrate the available data into your existing workflows with our API and integration service. COMING SOON

Reports the way you want them to be

  • You own the data
  • Reports are always updated with latest features at no cost
  • Customizable reports for each user


$1,000 / mile

Flat rate

Report Includes:
  • Full asset inventory
  • Vegetation violations and volumetrics
  • Report of all faulty components
  • Certified lineman review on all condition assessments

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