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The ultimate single rotor unmanned aerial system

15 km

Operational Radius


Max Speed

Weather Hardened

Autonomous Flight
with Waypoints



Made with advanced composite manufacturing methods, and the latest advances in lithium polymer battery technology, Dauntless brings cutting edge technology from the manned aerospace sector to the UAV market.

Ducted tail rotor

Designed with the real world in mind, the ducted tail rotor allows for increased durability and greater aerodynamic efficiency, while reducing the acoustic signature.

Enclosed payload bay

Dauntless is the only system in its class with Two Heated Payload bays. This allows for a larger operational envelope, further enhancing mission readiness. Multiple users can control the sensors independently with dual video links, so you don’t have to sacrifice situational awareness of the operators for that of the data product consumer.


Oil & Gas

Inspections of offshore rigs or
pipelines: leak detection.

Energy (Utilities)

Power line and solar panel


Provide a usable map in the event of
mud slide or other natural disaster.

Transportation (Railroad & Roads)

Rail line inspection, road construction

First Responder

Search and rescue using heat
signature, circling perimeter to relay
live video to central command.


Command. Control. Communicate.
Gain actionable intelligence in the
field, with multiple sensor capabilities.

Health Management System

Our industry first health management system employs an advanced insitu sensor suite. HMS monitors and performs predictive analytics on all physical and electrical activity of every component on the aircraft 10 times a second, so you can see advance warning on mission critical issues.

There are 42 independent sensors constantly measuring current draw, voltage, temperature, vibration, RPM, and a host of other parameters. The data is processed on board and the results relayed to the ground control station in real time, so both the aircraft and the operator can spot potential problems before they happen.


Chris Chance


Chris is an engineer, helicopter and fixed wing pilot on his second drone company.

Neerav Shah


Neerav has an MBA and owns a second company that manufactures electro- mechanical assemblies.

TJ Johnson

Lead Mechanical

TJ, is a engineer and patent attorney, pilot, old school maker, and also on his second drone company.

Steve Harrison


Steve is an engineer, pilot, and also on his second drone company.

Peter Martucci

Aerospace Engineer

Peter is an aerospace engineer and pilot.


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